Topic of the day: Privileges

It's one of these mornings, when i feel quite tired, desorientated. I have no plans for the day - often a good sign. I move a bit, have a coffee and breakfast and decide to lie on our balcony for a while. It might be one of these days, where unexpected things happen. I try... Continue Reading →


Creating conditions for thriving

Leaning my back against a big tree and looking up into its crown, a Maori tale comes to my mind. It suggests that trees are pushing the sky up from the earth to create space for us to live in. I like the tale, and i'm about to thank the trees around me for... well,... Continue Reading →

Risking my significance… ?

I'm in pain when i hear you say you feel lonely, while i'm keeping my arms open for you - and so are others! I join your pain when you tell me you're unhappy with your life. Your eyes ask for help, but your mind resists change. Yes, life hasn't always been easy for you.... Continue Reading →

Taking a Transition Bubble Bath…

Over the last few months, i have spent time with different groups of fantastic people, who take various steps towards a better present / a good life for all. And for me, these different contexts seemed to be separate little bubbles. Yesterday, at a talk and meet-up with Rob Hopkins (the initiator of the Transition... Continue Reading →

Tree or forest?

I wrote about feeling like a tree whose roots have been cut. I was looking for the perfect place where i could - or should - anchor myself again; my one and only place in the world. Then, a friend helped me to transform this image. I'm not like a tree; my personality and my... Continue Reading →

Under reconstruction

I haven't written an entry in a while. That's because i feel like i have nothing to say. Because i don't know who i am. In fact, i feel like quite some parts of my personality are under reconstruction. Do you know that feeling? Like most of your roots have been cut, and the new... Continue Reading →

I’m packing my backpack …

I'm packing my backpack, and in it there's... You know that children's game? It's about adding imaginary items into an imaginary backpack, and each round there's an additional item - all of which one should remember. Life's a bit like that. Only that we don't lose if we forget an item. They stay there. I'm... Continue Reading →

What’s the worst that could happen?

That's a question that moved me quite a bit. Or rather, it consolidated me. In the last few years, my understanding of myself and the world around me became increasingly spiritual. I believe in the unity of humankind (and everything that is, by the way). That we're all parts of the same thing, expressing ourselves... Continue Reading →

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